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Plastic Cards

Our main product. From simple plastic business cards through to metallic cards with mag stripes, signature panels and barcodes, we can create plastic cards to suit your purpose.

Business Cards

Need a business card that stands out from the rest of the cards? A plastic business card will do just that. Heavier than a normal cardboard business card and a lot longer lasting. Comes standard with a matte, writable back for noting down quotes and appointments.

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Express Cards

A plastic card with a minimum of features delivered fast. By paring back the features and streamlining the production, we can offer a plastic card quickly and cheaply for those uses that need a bit more than a Business Card but don’t need the features of a Full Feature Card.

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Eco Cards

No film. No plates. No water. Recycled Stock. Recyclable Card. A fully recyclable card printed on post-industrial recycled carbon neutral stock. Available with a large range of personalisation options.

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Digi Cards

Made for data. The card made for the most demanding of Variable Data Printing. Barcodes, numbers, names, addresses, photos — If you need it to change from card to card, the Digi Card range is it.

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Full Feature Card

Card with the lot + pineapple. Mag stripe? Yep. Signature Panel? Yep. 0.75mm thickness? Yep. All data options? Yep. That sums up our Full Feature Card. It has all options available.

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Metallic Cards

Sparkly! Pull your card up and out of the pack with a metallic background. Useful for all sorts of purposes.

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Clear Cards

The wow factor for a clear card is transparently obvious. A card that is clearly different than the usual.

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Product Matrix

We admit it, we can produce a staggering array of plastic cards. If you call us with what you need, then chances are we can tailor a card to fit your exacting requirements. But most of you don’t need that bespoke tailoring, you have a fairly common use in mind. Take a look through the card types below to find a product for you, or for a comparision of our different plastic cards, click the button below.

Base Material
Made from PVC
Made from Polypropylene
Made from Teslin®
Made from Recycled Base Stock
Thickness Available
UV Varnish
Gloss/Gloss Laminate
Gloss/Matte Laminate
Matte/Matte Laminate
Variable Data Printing
Sequential Number
Sequential Barcode
Non Sequential Numbering
Non Sequential Barcoding
Variable Images
Magnetic Stripe Encoding