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Digi Cards

Digi Cards — created with complex data requirements in mind.

Some cards need more than just a sequential number. Some cards need names, addresses, barcodes, variable images (such as photos), alternate backgrounds, rule based changes — this is where our Digi Card comes in. We’ve created the Digi Card to maximise the type of data you can have on our card, whilst still maintaining our quick turnaround and low wastage workflow.


With a full range of barcodes available, and many options available for variable data and images, the Digi Card is capable of providing all of the personalisation you require without the need to go to a more expensive Full Feature Card. If you don’t require a mag stripe, then the Digi Card is for you.

For a card that doesn’t require complex data, check out our Express Cards.

For more options, including mag stripes, you might find our Full Feature Cards are more what you’re after.

  • Quick Turnaround
  • Full Colour front
  • Full Colour reverse
  • 0.56mm thick
  • Gloss laminated
  • 0.70mm thick
  • Basic sequential numbering
  • Basic sequential barcoding
  • Complex VDP
  • Wide range of barcodes
  • Variable images
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Identification Cards

Create your artwork to the following specifications:

  • 86mm × 54mm with 3mm radius corners
  • 3mm bleed for artwork that runs off edge of card
  • All art/text not running off edge no closer than 3mm to any edge

[fa class=”fa-file”] CR80 (standard credit card 86mm × 54mm)