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Where do we start?

Well, a bit of history. Fiske Advertising started back in 1990 with the aim of producing promotional products for small businesses. Mousemats, coasters, membership cards and the like. We dabbled in a bit of general printing too, supplying those same businesses with letterheads, with compliment slips and business cards. You know, typical printer stuff.

Over time though, we became really great at printing on plastic, and before long, other plastic card companies started coming to us to print their plastic cards. The small runs, the difficult runs, the ones that they themselves couldn’t print. Before we knew, we had a niche in the market.

So, what to do? Well, we invested. We invested in cutting edge equipment geared towards what we do best, short run plastic card production. And for the most part, not only was it cutting edge, it was quite often un-orthodox and usually the only one of it’s type in the country. We bought printing presses that the Reserve Bank of Australia had owned figuring that if it could print plastic money, it could print plastic cards.

We invested in the first high-speed inkjet personalisation line dedicated for plastic cards in Australia. With a throughput of up to 70,000 cards an hour, we were soon personalising cards for other companies.

We invested in the first hp Indigo s2000 digital offset press in Australia. Specifically built for print on plastic stocks, it revolutionised what we could do in the realms of card personalisation and the lower limits of a viable production run. It has enabled us to drop our print wastage from 40% down to around 5% and has opened up the range of stocks we can print on.

So that’s the history, and to be frank, that pretty much sets the pattern for the future, too. We will continue to invest in the technology we need to produce the best possible result for our customers, consistently setting industry benchmarks for turnaround times, cost and service.