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Plastic Cards, Key Tags & Event Passes

Manufactured by us in Melbourne, Victoria

Plastic Cards

Our main product. From simple plastic business cards through to metallic cards with mag stripes, signature panels and barcodes, we can create the plastic card to suit your purpose.

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Key Tags

As good as full sized plastic cards are, there are times when they’re just too much. Tucked away safely in a wallet is great if your client is getting out cash or their payment card anyway, but not so good if all that’s needed is a membership number. That’s where key tags have an advantage.

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Event Passes

Like all our products, data is imaged at print time, placing the data under the laminate and greatly increasing the life and durability of the pass. They can have the full range of VDP techniques applied to it, such as text, barcodes and images, allowing you to personalise the passes for a specific attendee. That way, the pass becomes personal.

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