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Event Passes

Like all our products, data is imaged at print time, placing the data under the laminate and greatly increasing the life and durability of the pass. They can have the full range of VDP techniques applied to it, such as text, barcodes and images, allowing you to personalise the passes for a specific attendee. That way, the pass becomes personal.

Available with either a slot or a hole punch, the long passes can be attached to a wide range of lanyards to increase visiblity and to enable them to be available at all times for inspection.

Short Event Passes

The Short Event Pass is the same size as a standard plastic card (54mm × 86mm) making it quick to produce and easy to fit into standard clear plastic card sleeves. Hard wearing and waterproof, the Short Event Pass will stand up to almost any punishment making it ideal for concerts, festivals and any event that needs a pass that can deal with the excitement.

Long Event Passes

Our Long Event Passes were designed to fit a requirement for event passes that need to be, well, a bit bigger. At 54mm × 145mm, they still have the same width as the Short Event Pass, but they’re longer, allowing more room for graphics, maps and information, as well as being just a bit heavier so they don’t flap around as much.

Wide Event Passes

At 86mm × 140mm, the Wide Event Pass has room for all the information you want to put on it. Photos, names, access restrictions, maps, terms & conditions; if it has to have it all, then it will all fit on the Wide Event Pass.

Custom Event Passes

If you’ve got a specific size and shape in mind that’s not here, don’t despair. We also offer custom sizes and shapes to fit your requirements. Please contact us to discuss options available.